Canal Boating : 
The Languedoc may well be the best place in the world to go canal boating - with three canal systems weaving their way through hundreds of miles of beautiful countryside.

Cicycling :
The Languedoc is a cyclist’s paradise. From flat canal banks to undulating vineyards and steep mountain roads; whatever your style there is something here for you.

Canoeing :
There are lots of rivers in Languedoc - and nearly all have canoeing centres. Rivers are relatively shallow, and any rapids are pretty tame. 

Golf :
Golfing and golf courses abound in Languedoc Roussillon . These 14 Languedoc golf courses are considered the best. If however you just fancy a leisurely 6 holes then check out this nearby 6 hole course at Ribaute-Les-Tavernes

Skiing & Snowboarding :
You'll find plenty of Skiing and ski slopes in Languedoc Roussillon, South France - with skiing offered in two mountain ranges - the Pyrenees and the Cevennes.

Horse Riding :
The 'Sentier Cathar' or Cathar Trail is France's and Languedoc's most famous horse-riding trail . It's not the only trail, of course, and the other horse riding trails on offer in Languedoc are just as spectacular . 

Tennis :
There are literally hundreds of small tennis club scattered across the region - and the best way to find one is to pop into any village's local tourist office .

Ballooning, flying, paragliding and kite-surfing :
Is there a better way to take in the spectacular scenery of the Languedoc than in a balloon, plane or paraglider ? 

Fishing :
Fishing (angling) in Languedoc Roussillon, South France is excellent - thanks to the variety of fish species. Hundreds of rivers, streams, lakes and etangs (salt-water lakes) are full with a wide variety of fish.

Walking :
You'll find no shortage of walks and rambling in Languedoc Roussillon . There are quite a few 'official' long-distance walks that criss-cross the Languedoc region

Sailing & Windsurfing
You'll find plenty of yachting, sailing and windsurfing in Languedoc Roussillon & there are many sailing centres along the Languedoc coast - and at major lakes . 

Rock Climbing :
Rock climbing opportunities in Languedoc Roussillon, south France are excellent. Rugged, mountainous terrain means there are plenty of great rock-climbing sites .

Bird Watching :
Bird watching enthusiasts who come to Languedoc Roussillon have 4 exciting areas to choose from - two mountainous (the Cévennes and the Pyrénées) and two wetlands (the Camargue and the Etangs of Narbonne). 

Wine Tasting :
As Languedoc is the world's largest wine-producing region it has, as you'd expect, hundreds of wine domaines offering wine-tastings. Including our own Domaine d'Espere at nearby St. Jean de Serres of course . 

Smaller than Montpellier and Toulouse, you can easily get round Nîmes in a day and enjoy the car-free centre of town which oozes charm at every turn.

With it's broad tree-lined boulevards & huge car-free central square laid out in the 1700s surrounded by elegant balustraded buildings – you name it, Montpellier’s got it. Oh, and it’s just minutes away from the beach, too.

The last major town in Languedoc before the Spanish border. Catalan, Romany and North African all co-exist in this sunny city of palm-lined squares.

Although this is one of the smaller and poorer towns of the region, time here is rarely wasted and an amble through the old town, bordered on three sides by the Orb river and a canal, is extremely agreeable.

Although Narbonne has none of the grandeur of Avignon or Carcassonne it’s still a pleasant place to wind up for a couple of days wandering around the old medieval core and its lively streets.

This fairytale walled city of drawbridges, towers and atmospheric cobbled streets, was in fact the inspiration for Walt Disney’s The Sleeping Beauty. It’s quite simply a must see on any trip through this part of southern France.

Although not strictly in Languedoc, Toulouse is France’s sixth largest city and is understandably a big draw for visitors in the west of the region.

Avignon is the ultimate destination in the south of France. Stunningly beautiful yet relaxed and chilled at the same, Avignon is a wonderful mix of chic, elegance and perfectly preserved medieval splendour.

Uzès, capital of the region called l'Uzège, is situated in the center of the Ales-Nimes-Avignon triangle & is famous for it's huge Saturday open air market . (Possibly the biggest in France)

Famous for it's Roman arena as well as being the home of Van Gogh Arles is also well known for it's big Saturday market . 

The Venice of Languedoc - Sete is the largest French fishing port on the Mediterranean . With it's combination of the canal, the sea, the streets & the restaurants Sete is well worth a visit .

La Grande Motte
Unique isn’t really the word. Formerly a desert of sand dunes and lagoons, La Grande Motte is now an inimitable holiday resort with architecture that consists of giant mole hills (mottes in French), based on Inca pyramids in Mexico


Historic Monuments
Languedoc Roussillon, in the south of France, has an amazing history - and all the castles, forts and ruins that go with it.

Churches & Abbeys
The churches and abbeys of Languedoc Roussillon are really quite spectacular. In fact, the region hosts some of the most beautiful religious buildings in France . 

Beautiful Towns & Villages
Some of the towns and villages of Languedoc Roussillon are amongst the most beautiful in France. Many are fortified or 'circulade', and go back over a thousand years .

Natural Wonders
Rivers, gorges, cirques, mountains, camargue, canals... you'll find them all in Languedoc Roussillon . That's because the region's geography, like its weather and history, is so intense.

Museums & Galleries 
There really aren't that many good museums and galleries in Languedoc Roussillon, south of France, so we've included only two, the Musee Fabre in Montpellier, and the superb Dali Museum not far over the border in Spain.

Cévennes National Park
The only French national park in the low mountains, the Cévennes National Park is home to a significant permanent population and cultural heritage.

La Bambouseraie
Home to Europe's largest Bamboo collection

Train a Vapeur des Cevennes
Going full steam ahead on viaducts and through tunnels, experience the steam railways of yesteryear.

Canal du Midi
The Canal du Midi is one of Europe’s longest and widest canal systems and in 1994 was designated a World Heritage Site.

L'Abbeye de St Martin du Canigou 
France's most stunning abbey - perched in the Pyrénées. 
It's only 45 minutes from Perpignan, but l'Abbeye de Saint Martin du Canigou feels like it's a world away. 

The Priory of Serrabone 
It's a tiny, unimposing place. Supposedly, a priory is one notch down from an abbey, and Serrabone is but a Mini next to the Bently of St Martin de Canigou. A rather drab, unimpressive one at that, from the outside at least. It's spartan design and dull grey stone give no hint of the delights to be found within.

Le Pont du Gard
You don’t have to be in the Languedoc for long before you hear about (or see a postcard of) the Pont du Gard. It’s one of the region’s most famous landmarks, and a huge draw for visitors (over a million make the pilgrimage every year to stand and stare at this almighty aqueduct, built by the Romans in the middle of the first century AD and now one of France’s top five tourist attractions). It is now so famous it even has it's own dedicated tourist office -  Click here for their website
             The Languedoc Roussillon has a terrific diversity of    
             places to see, explore and experience for children en  
             famille. From water parks to shady bamboo, from castles               to vultures, from Art to tree climbing…whatever your   
     budget and your children’s desires there should be something to suit you and your kids. 

Here’s the Top 20 of favourite activities for children in the Languedoc Roussillon, chosen by families who actually live in the area. They know better than anyone what’s hot and what’s not in this part of the world.
With so much sunshine and such varied terrain, Languedoc is a mecca for those looking to get out there and DO something. The list of activities and things to do in Languedoc Roussillon, south France, is absolutely endless. You'll find water practically everywhere in Languedoc Roussillon, so there's no shortage of canal boating, canoeing, sailing, windsurfing, fishing and swimming . Three mountain ranges make skiing, rock climbing and walking great options too. Golf and tennis are also well-catered for, 
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Flights to Languedoc are multiplying, thanks to the low-cost airline boom, which has brought down prices and opened up small airports . As a result flights to Languedoc are now surprisingly cheap.
To find flights to any  of Languedoc's cities, simply click on the airport you are interested in .

Excellent motorways mean that the many airports near Languedoc are also a great option if you're visiting the region. 

You can even fly into Girona in Spain and stock up on spirits at the border! .
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with golf courses and tennis centres dotted across the region. For the slightly more adventurous, there's ballooning (there's nothing like floating over the rivers and vineyards of Languedoc on a summer's day), paragliding and flying (guided flights over the Cathar castles are highly recommended). 
For equestrians, there's France's most famous horse trail (Le Sentier Cathar), and for ornithologists, the variety of birds in Languedoc, especially in the mountainous and swamp regions, with everything from vultures to pelicans. You can read about all of these activities and things to do in Languedoc Roussillon, south France, by clicking on the links below. Thanks to "Creme de Languedoc" we've cherry picked the best of each activity, and given as much practical information as possible, to make planning your days out easy. If you havn't already done so please click on  the link above for "Le Film" for a virtual tour of the Languedoc-Roussillon region. 

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Golfing in
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Fun  and
There's almost always a festival or public event happening in Languedoc - Roussillon . During the Summer months in particular almost every little village in the region has it's own fête or festival with events such as night parades , bull runs , concerts wine tastings etc . The bigger cities often have free concerts & shows but generally speaking the village events often provide entertainment on a bigger scale than you might expect . For more information about what's happening during your stay in Languedoc you should always visit the offices of the local mayor ( mairie )  . 

For general information on some upcoming events in the region please click here